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Key Points



GPIX aims to provide scholarship and NFT for gamers, utilizing networks with partners and our own Guild's fund. This is to reduce the entry barrier to gamers and bring blockchain games to general community while maintaining sustainable profit for our project.



GPIX focus our effort to the development of the economy of the ecosystem: with NFT marketplace, GPIX will help game developers, gamers and artists to get involved in this platform by exchanging their artwork, NFT in a form of game items, which are paid in GPIX or other supported cryptocurrencies. In addition, the marketplace is where NFT owners can lend out their items, with a fee for GPIX, to other players, generating a passive stream of income for NFT owners.



Supporting the development of the blockchain games industry is one of the core of GPIX's mantras. We are open to supporting blockchain-based games by providing funds for potential projects. In return, GPIX can gain access to NFT items with a favored price for accepting the risk of early supporters. On the other hand, GPIX supports the guild's members by renting out NFT items at a discounted price.


Streamer/ KOLs

GPIX pays special attention to marketing activities by building its own Gaming KOLs and a platform for players, who meet certain conditions of the Guild, to stream while playing NFT games. With the in-house KOLs, GPIX can leverage the power of communication and blockchain platform to attract new users, turning the platform into a decentralized marketing powerhouse specialized in gaming


Cooperation / Partnership

With a long-term orientation, GPIX always looks for a way to extend its operation both in term of specialization (improve the quality of services provided to gamers and gaming projects) and in term of variety (invest in potential project at early stage and support them in marketing activities)


NFT music / movie / sport expansion

GPIX will actively seek investment opportunities in music NFT with top artists as well as projects in entertainments, sports, and movies by supporting streaming service for the launch events of such projects


GPIX Launcher

- Support potential gaming projects to list their NFT in-game items on the Guild's platform/marketplace

- Support the listing of NFT collectible collections on the Guild's platform/marketplace

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What We Do Best


Social - Seeding

  • Admin
  • Ads
  • Social post
  • Reply, Inbox, Comment

Design - Edit - Production

  • Logo /2D,3D
  • VOD
  • Taklshow
  • Intro/Outro
  • AMA
  • Camera
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“A strong in-house gamers with upto 100 + personnel”

Axie Infinity


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Mr. Anh Mai

Mr. Anh Mai

  • Mr Anh Mai, Founder of GPIX, has been working with teams in (permissioned) blockchain solution projects as well as gaming projects in traditional corporations for 5 years. Having experience in both fields, he made it his mission to combine both worlds and bring about freedom and true ownership to gamers while bridging the gap between public and game developers via GPIX platform.
Mr. Duc Vu

Mr. Duc Vu

  • Mr Duc Vu with 2 years of experience as IT developers is the Co-Founder of GPIX. While working for a gaming project with HTR, Duc came across a novel idea about gaming and crypto. He dreamt about a playground where people can easily access their favorite games without worrying about initial investment. He met Anh and GPIX was found.
Mr. Toby

Mr. Toby

Head of projects relationship
[email protected]
  • Mr. Toby is a veteran in Fintech with 5 years of experience in full-stack programming and 4 years of experience in researching cryptocurrency. He has spotted several top-tier projects from a market full of noises.
Mr. Louis

Mr. Louis

  • Mr. Louis has more than 8 years of experience in the financial sector and marketing. Joining Coinpublic Venture as Chief Financial Officer, he helped the team control and optimize budget while achieving the organization's strategic goals by balancing the ROI and operating costs.
Ms. Tina

Mr. Tina

  • Mr. Tina, former Automation Leader & Project Manager in 3 years at P&G Ben Cat factory – Global FMCG Giant, focuses on delivery projects on time within approval budget, reducing headcount by applying new technological improvements. With 5 years experience in crypto space, wide range of knowledge and connections to support for the growth of the project as well as community, he joins GPIX as COO of GPIX.
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Q4 2021

  • Angel investors
  • Form-up operation team
  • Building material facilities

Q1 2022

  • 1000+ scholars across
  • Seed investors
  • NFT investment + Gamefi projects partnership
  • Tech building for GPIX DAO
  • Website interface + functions

Q2 2022

  • 10,000+ scholars
  • Private investors
  • Expanding KOL network up to 200+
  • Release Management Dashboard
  • Organize an esports tournament
  • Token launch

Q3 2022

  • Multichain marketplace (include renting NFT feature)
  • GPIX NFT selling
  • Advance NFT utilities (staking, % share profit from investment,...)
  • Scholarship performance tracking
  • Streamer platformExpanding KOL network up to 400+

Q4 2022

  • DAO governance launch
  • Streamer platformExpanding KOL network up to 1000+
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Total Supply : 10,000,000 GPIX

  • Sale

  • Advisor

  • Ecosystem

  • Marketing

  • Team

  • Reserve funds

  • Liquidity

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